What is Inbound Marketing? The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing Strategy for E-commerce Business

Learn more about Inbound Marketing and how Inbound Marketing helps in growing your e-commerce business. A step-by-step guide to Inbound Marketing strategy for e-commerce.

What is Inbound Marketing? The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing for E-commerce

Inbound marketing has become a buzzworthy expression in the advertising business. This should not shock anyone as its client-driven way to deal with advertising keeps on helping brands slice through the commotion of a bustling on the web commercial center to viably arrive at their objective clients.

Inbound Marketing strategy does wonder to your overall e-commerce endeavors and would bring enormous success to your online business.

While numerous online business marks ordinarily depend on computerized marketing to grandstand their items, there is a great deal of chance for internet business marks that need to adopt a coordinated inbound marketing strategy to arriving at their intended interest group and spreading the news about their items through inbound techniques.

The inbound marketing approach is tied in with carrying your optimal clients to you through quality substance and different purposes of cooperation. As opposed to indicating your crowd an advertisement and hanging tight for them to click, you are rather fabricating a library of enlightening, intriguing, and important substances that will assist you with building trust and invigorate enthusiasm inside your intended interest group.


  1. What is Inbound marketing?
  2. Why inbound works for e-commerce marketing?
  3. Difference between Inbound marketing and outbound marketing
  4. How to convert outbound marketing to inbound marketing?
  5. Step by step for Inbound marketing Strategy
  6. How to improve inbound marketing strategy?
  7. Why is Social Media an important part of Inbound Marketing?
  8. Conclusion

What is Inbound marketing?

Before answering this question, I would like to ask you as you are up with your own e-commerce business site.

How do you prefer to generate your sales like? By just pushing or throwing your brand out in front of the customers which would rather irritate them or attracting them towards it which has more potential to generate leads and sales.

Definitely the second option! Nobody wants to just waste their money, time, and energy into something which doesn’t lead to anything but just satisfaction that you are doing something for your e-commerce business, but if it doesn’t bear any fruits then what’s the point of even starting it. In the long run, running advertisements which are not fruitful to you would lead to nothing but just wastage of time and money.

what is inbound marketing

The real reason why you started your online business was to sell your products/services to your customers and in the end, generates some profit.

Then after you actually started your e-commerce site, the next step of marketing your brand was quite inevitable and so you decided to advertise.

But don’t you think advertising erratically with no actual leads is quite frustrating. Not just that you are also unable to build the trust of the customers towards your brand.

Then Inbound Marketing comes into play.

Inbound Marketing is the strategy to draw potential customers towards your brand through content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and branding.

Inbound marketing has all the aspects that one needs to deal with, with utmost sincerity and dedication. This is that aspect of your e-commerce site which requires the most investment in terms of

  • Time
  • Efforts
  • Money
  • Quality

Hence this is the biggest player in the game of e-commerce business and once you learn to play it right you are going to win.

That’s why this guide would tell you each and everything about Inbound Marketing and how you can

Why Inbound Works for Ecommerce Marketing?

To begin with, we should discuss why inbound advertising works for internet business organizations. The inbound system is tied in with carrying your optimal clients to you through quality substance and different purposes of communication. As opposed to indicating your crowd a promotion and sitting tight for them to click, you are rather fabricating a library of educational, intriguing, and important substance that will assist you with building trust and animate enthusiasm inside your intended interest group.

Inbound marketing

During each phase of the cycle (pull in, convert, close, and pleasure), you will see various sorts of comparing content that can assist you with setting up and assemble associations with your optimal clients. The objective here isn't to make one deal, but instead, construct a drawn-out relationship with clients who become steadfast brand advocates. This gives a lot better yield on venture (ROI) than only a solitary deal.

One reason why inbound marketing is so significant for online business organizations is that it encourages them to construct a brand that clients can interface with. Instead of simply selling items through an online store, internet business organizations can build up a brand with a particular voice that is centered on their clients. By building a strong brand that clients can comprehend and associate with, web-based business organizations can separate themselves from different shops that solitary expect to sell items.

Difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing?

Asking again the same question if you would want to push and throw the brand to the audience in the name of marketing or would you like to attract the potential customers to your brand to generate the leads.

Hence this is what outbound marketing is when you follow the traditional way of marketing by holding seminars, shows, outsourced marketing, and advertising. Which might have been fruitful earlier but hardly have any capability to generate any leads as of now.

Inbound marketing strategy

The graph of outbound marketing goes down not only because of the cheaper and feasible options that are now available to learn about new things through the internet but also the freedom of each individual to block/spam the repetitive interruptions that are sent out.

Inbound marketing is the drive that sets the customers more attracted to your website and they themselves are more interested in learning about your brand and products and later even buying them. Outbound marketing does it in a different way where you are unsure if the customer you have reached out to is even a qualified lead for your product.

With an inbound marketing strategy, you generate a social media awareness with your content or using other social media strategies to create interest in people in your brand.

The problem with outbound marketing:

  • There is just you who is participating in the conversation
  • It intends to push brand awareness with no knowledge of who would be actually needing to see it
  • Disrupts whatever content you wanted to send out and no actual outcome

How to convert outbound marketing to inbound marketing?

convert outbound marketing to inbound marketing

Rather than focusing on outbound energy which is not bringing out any fruitful results as such, the best thing to do would be to shift your focus to Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing needs efforts in the beginning but would pay off more than what you ever imagined. Follow the steps which tell you the best ways to get started with inbound marketing for e-commerce businesses.

Step by step Guide to Get Started with Inbound Marketing strategy for Ecommerce

Inbound marketing has a wide range of aspects that can take a short time to get the hang of. Before you begin making content and drawing in with your leads, you have to find a way to ensure that you are setting your online business organization up for progress with inbound advertising.

Before you can begin achieving your marketing objectives, you have to unmistakably characterize what they are. Creating showcasing objectives that line up with your general business targets is perhaps the most ideal approach to guarantee that your marketing is working for your business. For best outcomes, make certain to set SMART objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

STEP-1 Investigating Your Target Market

Since inbound showcasing centers around the client, it is basic that you know who your clients are before you begin creating marketing efforts or making content. The initial step to understanding your clients is to do some examination on your objective market. This will assist you with distinguishing certain socioeconomics and qualities, for example, age, sexual orientation, area, salary, and so on.

STEP-2 Creating Buyer Personas

when you have gathered enough examination on your objective market, the time has come to make purchaser personas. Purchasers personas are summed up profiles of your optimal purchasers that assist you with bettering comprehend whom you are addressing when building up your inbound advertising content. Your organization ought to build up a purchaser persona for each sort of purchaser that you target
To find your buyer’s persona you can use your social media to find out everything about what kind of audience is interested in your products.

To find out that, check out the Facebook insights, and you will get an idea of the demographics of the people who are attracted to you.

STEP-3 Understanding the Buyer's Journey

notwithstanding distinguishing your purchasers and better understanding what rouses them, you likewise need to think about the purchaser's excursion or the cycle that these purchasers take when settling on a buying choice.

So as to figure out what way your purchasers take to discover items like yours, you should do a little research to find how they become mindful of items, how they think about various items, and how they choose which items to purchase.

STEP-4 Internet business Content Marketing

Content is a fundamental bit of your inbound marketing system. By making a quality substance that is both convincing and important, your web-based business organization can feature its information and thought authority while additionally helping show your image's character.

Before you jump into making content, it's significant that you build up a substance procedure that recognizes what sorts of the substance you will use to contact your crowd and what themes or items this substance will cover. Distinguish which colleagues will make this substance or discover an organization that you can re-appropriate your substance creation too. When you have a group set up, you will need to put forth sure that your substance creation attempts are predictable by building up a substance schedule and adhering to it.

The best substance techniques incorporate different sorts of substances that help catch the crowd's consideration and educate them about significant items and different subtleties. The following are a couple of various sorts of substances that can assist you with arriving at your objective market while illuminating, drawing in, and charming your optimal clients.

STEP-5 Blogs

Blogs are a powerful stage for teaching your crowd and displaying various items. Rather than intending to sell items, your blog entries should zero in on giving data that can assist purchasers with bettering comprehend if the item is the correct one for them.

Despite the fact that you need to maintain a strategic distance from "sales" language, you can in any case connect to your item page in the blog to make it as simple as feasible for buyers to make the following stride by buying.

STEP-6 Online Media

online media is another web-based business marketing strategy that you can use to reach and connect with your objective customers. With 2.789 billion dynamic online media clients over the globe, channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are extraordinary stages for beginning a discussion with your crowd and keeping them drew in during the purchaser's excursion.

Online media content is likewise an extraordinary method to exhibit your image's character and begin to manufacture associations with your clients and possibilities.

STEP-7 Item Guides

Item directs are a significant substance asset for internet business organizations. These aides give more insights regarding your items, how to utilize them, and what esteem they can give to purchasers. Item directs additionally contain other supportive data, for example, item pictures, costs, and portrayals. Numerous aides will likewise give item correlations that assist customers with settling on a more educated buying choice.

STEP-8 Advancing Your Content

Regardless of how incredible your substance is, it won't be powerful except if it arrives at your intended interest group. Nonetheless arranging out which kinds of substance your group will make and what subjects you will cover, you ought to likewise build up a special procedure to get your substance before the individuals who are destined to be keen on your image.

The best class content creators work extra hard to study the needs of their customers and then creating out something which is actually very useful to them.

Just putting in extra effort into the best content would help your sales to increase manifolds.

Not just that, advancing content means using more visuals, charts, and videos to make your content or even blogs more engaging. Longer, descriptive and some visuals are the best way to best class content creation.

STEP-9 Website improvement for Ecommerce Marketing

Website improvement (SEO) is another significant aspect of your inbound advertising procedure. Web optimization is the way toward improving your site and substance for the web crawlers so as to make it simpler for likely clients to discover your webpage.

In addition to the fact that SEO improves your online reach, yet it likewise guarantees that the traffic that is going to your site is pertinent. The following are only a couple of parts of your web-based business webpage that you will need to consider while improving your substance.

STEP-10 Item Descriptions

every one of your item portrayals ought to contain one of a kind and important duplicate. As opposed to simply utilizing the portrayal given by the producer, set aside the effort to make your own depictions for every item that is clear and convincing.

This will be a tedious cycle. In any case, it will pay off at long last as you will have the option to adjust every one of the portrayals to your image's voice.

Not exclusively are one of a kind item depictions additionally luring for the shopper, however, they likewise help improve SEO, which can assist support with dealing with each page.

STEP-11 Picture Alt Tags

On your item pages, there will be a wide range of pictures to exhibit your items. So as to help web crawlers comprehend what these pictures portray, you should make alt labels for each picture.

The alt tag ought to be straightforward while obviously portraying what the picture portrays, including both the producer and item name.

For example, "Dark Prada Galleria Bag" is short, basic, and sufficiently enlightening to clarify what the picture presents.

STEP-12 Title Tags

Title labels are another significant part of SEO for web-based business advertising.

Title labels allude to the title of the site page and can be found at the head of the internet browser, inside the source code, and in some cases even on the web index results page (SERP).

Google limits what shows up on the SERP to 70 characters, so utilize these characters shrewdly while portraying what shows up on the item page.

How to improve the Inbound Marketing strategy?

How to improve inbound marketing strategy?

There are many ways you might be trying to do Inbound Marketing strategy, but one needs to keep on improving on their strategies regarding this.

Here are a few things that you can start improving your inbound marketing strategy:

STEP-1 Don’t forget to pay attention to paid advertisements

Paid advertisements are not always a bad idea, in fact, they work the best if you wish to get some short-term results. While Inbound Marketing would profess more organic content and success in the long run. But a good mix of both leads to better running of the business and hence success in the short run as well as creating a cushion in the long run too.

STEP-2 Scrutinize your current customers and leads

The customers that you have successfully acquired till now should be scrutinized as to what all age groups, interest groups they fall in. their location and their spending capacity should be considered.

But these things are not that easy to get, you have to send them survey forms from which they can answer your questions and your data to study is ready with you.

If you already have your email list built then it’s great to send them those forms through that. You can use SurveyMonkey to make those forms to send out to them.

STEP-3 One-to-one conversations with your customers

The one to one conversation with some of the customers of yours would make your survey much better and personalized as you would get to know what made them aware of your brand, what motivated them to buy it from you, and many other questions that would make your brand much customer friendly.

One can do this by arranging a video call with them. A very brief call with them would even make them happy to know how much their views are valued and how you are able to also provide a free consultation to them at the same time.

STEP-4 Keep on updating your content

The market is quite dynamic and changes every day. Your products might be receiving all sorts of reviews and suggestions. So updating your content is the best way to keep your audience engaged and also building their trust in you.

STEP-5 Start with creating your story around your business and products

A story or buzz woven around your business and products that are brought out in your blogs or videos is the best way to create more leads for your business.

People get more interested in reading those stories that have your main goal-centered in it. This means that are more prone to accept any idea that you want to convey with a story or episode rather than just a bland article describing your products and its features.

STEP-6 Guest blogging is your foundation

Your e-commerce business would gain momentum when you start with guest blogging as well as contacting those bloggers who write about the success stories of various startups and also the story revolving around that.

More than that contacting the bloggers who can either review your products or you can write guest blog posts would be a great start for your business and also in the long run would help it stand on a strong foundation.

STEP-7 Promote what you build to get backlinks

It is super important for your website to gain more authority to gain much higher rankings in the eyes of the Google search engines.

It would be much better if you start getting backlinks and therefore to outrank various articles it is better to start planning and chalking out on a strategy to get more backlinks to your site and products as well!

STEP-8 Webinars and social engagement

Many times a great social engagement through webinars and other social engagements like a free training session for your customers or audiences is a great way to attract those customers and gaining their trust.

Many times people sign up for free e-books but do not even read it.

Webinars are the best way to assess how many people are actually engaging with your content and are interested in buying from you.

STEP-9 Useful content to Email subscribers would generate leads

Email marketing strategies have a lot of importance. Creating campaigns for subscribers is one thing, and sending it to the ones who actually have the potential to bring in sales is another.

Getting sales are not that easy through subscribers and so sending them only useful content is good.

Useful content would keep them stay with you for longer and avoid them from even clicking on the unsubscribe button.

Why is social media an important part of Inbound Marketing?

importance of social media in inbound marketing

Social media is the best platform where you can understand the actual needs and reactions of the customers that you are trying.

According to a survey, 27% of the internet time is spent on social media sites, and considering how social media is such a big part of people’s lives, then you might want to obviously spend more time understanding how people can be bent from your marketing strategies so that you are able to make your leads.

Social media gives you the exact idea of customer personas. When you learn how to manipulate customers on social media after hours of studying their time-spending patterns, that’s when you are going to extract the most of Inbound Marketing.

Social media can be used as a powerful tool for Inbound Marketing in the following steps:

Step1: You get an idea of what content you need to put up

When finding the right audience for you and studying their activities by analyzing the most liked content by people on social media, the posts where they have shown the most engagement, and the questions that they put up there.

Suppose you deal with selling shoes.

Then you might want to know what youngsters look for, what is their style, and their color preferences as well. You will also see them engaging over the trendy boots worn by an actor or a sportsperson.

Then gathering all that you will be able to decide on your product and release that in the market.

Basically, the nitty-gritty of the whole topic centers around here is that for e-commerce businesses it allows you to spot trends, follow similar brands and study their strategies, and help get conversions.

Step2: Content creation

And not just that, creating content over it which would be shared on social media to create a hype of your unique piece.

Now how would create content on your products?

You need to provide the features, give knowledge about it, and share extensively on social media.

Step3: Content promotion

When your content is ready it needs a great audience to witness what you are offering to them.

Paid promotion helps you get the traffic to your site and get more sales, and through what?

Through content creation!

Your paid promotion needs a strategy to give you the most returns.

Try reaching out to your audience through sponsored content, ads.

Then you might have your own audience which goes through your content on your sites like blogs, podcasts, or even webinars.

Step4: Understanding of the audience’s needs

Looking around the social media engagement on your content released you understand how fruitful it became for you.

Getting insights into what part of your content was able to attract the most engagement.

What questions did people raise up and what was their action after your content started gaining engagement.

Did they send in product queries to you or did they buy the products?

Was there any issue like cart abandonment rate which would help you to decide what reasons could have made that possible?

So these are the things which would be analyzed after you have done the above steps and this analysis, trust me, is priceless!  

Step5: Aids with your site’s SEO

The SEO of your site increases automatically when social media sharing increases.

Social media traffic stays on the website and increases its credibility. You might also create valuable relationships with people in the industry who can help you with brand-building like influencers, bloggers and vloggers, and, brand advocates.

Social media sharing would help in link building as well, thereby increasing your site’s authority.

Step6: More opportunities lining up

Once you see the success of social media in your inbound marketing strategy then you would have learned by now also the various ways to judge the market.

This would also help more opportunities to rise up and give you more ideas to expand your content horizon for your online business.


By and large, inbound advertising is an extraordinary method to bring the customers who are well on the way to be keen on your items to your online business webpage. In spite of the fact that there are numerous features to your online business marketing technique, the most ideal approach to set your organization up for progress is to do your exploration and build up a methodology before your push toward execution.