15  Common Email Marketing Mistakes (Which are Obsolete) to Avoid in 2021

15  Common Email Marketing Mistakes (Which are Obsolete) to Avoid in 2021

Don't actually mind assuming anybody peruses your messages, you'll be satisfied to realize that it doesn't require a lot of exertion to land your email in a beneficiary's spam organizer. On the off chance that you don't need your messages to drive online traffic, make new leads and advantage your business, these 17 hints will ensure you don't commit regular email promoting errors.

Regardless of how much some people blow the “email marketing is dying” trumpet, the facts state otherwise. There is still a lot of life left in email marketing. In a recent study, 61% of respondents said they read emails from companies. In another study, 77% said they prefer receiving permission-based promotional messages.

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Email marketing also has its list of both dos and don’ts. As important as following the dos is, avoiding the potholes (don’ts) is equally, if not more important.


  1. Making your Subject Line Pointless

  2. Utilizing Generic E-mail Addresses

  3. Not Personalizing Anything

  4. Sending Emails to Your Entire Database

  5. Composing Something Really Boring

  6. Not Proofreading Content

  7. Not Adding a Call-To-Action (CTA)

  8. Leaving Out Social Media Links

  9. Not Including an Unsubscribe Link

  10. Overlooking Mobile Devices

  11. Disregarding customer requirements/knowledge

  12. Not modifying messages

  13. Irregularity

  14. Irrelevancy

  15. Relying on open rate as an important measure


Here’s a list of email marketing mistakes you shouldn’t commit in your email marketing:

Making Your Subject Line Pointless

Individuals will not open an email on the off chance that it suffers a heart attack or superfluous title. To keep your endorsers connected, you need to make a reliably sure encounter for them. This implies fitting your substance so it addresses their issues.

As per an investigation done by Walker Sands, headlines utilizing something like 50 characters bring about 12% higher open rates and 75% higher clickthrough rates. Considering this, plan what the headline is before you begin making the substance of your email. Set aside the effort to make a headline that YOU would open dependent on cautious ideas and contributions from your associates. Test this, again and again, to perceive what reverberates with your intended interest group so you can persistently improve your email promoting methodology.


Utilizing Generic Email Addresses

This is perhaps the most widely recognized email showcasing botches. Utilizing a conventional email address will absolutely cause your messages to appear to be unoriginal and as though they've come from a robot!

Nonetheless, in the event that you need to fabricate a relationship with your endorsers, send the email from a genuine individual. They'll be bound to open the email if there is a 'face' to your image.

Email delivers to stay away from include:







Not Personalizing Anything

Cause your supporters to feel like they're individuals from an enormous email promoting list by excluding any close-to-home subtleties. That will truly make them need to peruse your email!

As per Campaign Monitor, customized messages are bound to be opened and clicked, reinforce client encounters, and truly hang out in an inbox. In this way, on the off chance that you need to grab a beneficiary's eye, utilize their contact information to make something hotter and more customized.


Sending Emails to Your Entire Database

Try not to stress over portioning your information or focusing on your informing. Why not simply send everybody everything, whether or not or not it is pertinent to them? This is something that 89% of all advertisers actually do with the expectation that a few perusers will make a move.

Assuming, in any case, you have some good judgment, set aside the effort to section your information and send messages that cook explicitly to that market.

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Composing Something Really Boring

Individuals get heaps of messages each day and don't have the opportunity to peruse everything in detail, so go that additional mile by wavering on pointless data and make the substance as difficult to peruse as could be expected.

Obviously, you could keep the substance short and forthright, use arranging gadgets like list items and separate the substance so it is not difficult to peruse. That is, in the event that you've presently concluded that you need individuals to peruse your messages?


Not Proofreading Content

Nothing says 'This email was composed by a novice" than having heaps of spelling and linguistic blunders in the message body. In the event that you need your perusers to quickly lose regard or trust, simply type rapidly and press "Send".

On the other hand, you could keep your composing clean and ensure you completely check the duplicate. You could even get a collaborator to peruse it for you.


Not Adding a Call-To-Action (CTA)

On the off chance that you don't need your endorsers to do anything with the email they get, at that point make it is muddled as conceivable what they need to do straightaway. That is ensured to not transform any supporter into a lead, so you could incorporate a reasonable source of inspiration and make it clear what you need them to do.


Leaving Out Social Media Links

Don't you need your supporters to forwarding your substance to other expected endorsers via online media? At that point, make the additional stride of requesting that beneficiaries share your substance via online media or forward it on to a companion. All things considered, you may wind up developing your email list, pull in more perusers and gain extra site traffic.


Not Including an Unsubscribe Link

Need to baffle every one of your perusers and violate laws like CAN-SPAM or CASL? At that point, don't add a withdrawal connection to any email you send. A potential $1 million fine isn't anything to stress over all things considered.

You could, however, follow email best practices and the law by putting a basic withdraw interface at the lower part of any message you send.


Overlooking Mobile Devices

55% of your recipients will peruse your messages on a cell phone. In the event that you just arrange your email for work areas, disregard any portable clients perusing your substance. It's too aggravating to even consider zooming and scroll fiercely to discover what is the issue here.

It bodes well to attempt to catch the consideration of your portable crowd to change over them into leads. That includes upgrading each email you send for cell phones to stand out enough to be noticed.


Disregarding customer requirements/knowledge

Different customers have different requirements. Consider these when formulating emails. Segment your target audience and aim targeted campaigns at their problem areas. Especially when you have more than one product to offer, you should customize the message as per the customer’s needs.

Your rapport and interaction will not be the same with all clients. Some potential customers may already be aware of you, needing a more than basic introduction about you and some may not be aware of you at all. Segmenting your list and customizing your message will get you better click-through rates and engagement.

Paying attention to customer needs and knowledge about your company projects you as being attentive towards their needs and which takes the effort to customize email messages.


Not modifying messages

If your response rates are disappointing, you’ve to do something about it to avoid useless, expensive campaigns. A/B test your message copy and other variables so that you can modify your message and schedule based on response rates.


If your email branding is inconsistent and people cannot place its source immediately, it is very likely that they cannot understand why they got an email and they may unsubscribe. Make your visual branding consistent using email templates and use one sender name when emailing to avoid confusion about the source.



You’re sending your emails at the best time with total regard for recipients’ preferences. But if the emails are not relevant, you’re falling short of consumer expectations. Ultimately, irrelevance will result in unsubscribes. To remedy this, you can manually get feedback from customers, you can gather more specific preferences for better subscriber segmentation and track open rates and decide which subscribers should receive specific emails.


Relying on Open Rate as an Important Measure

Email open rate is not an accurate or correct reminder for knowing how many in your list opened your email. An email open is recorded when an image is downloaded. If your email recipients have blocked image download by default, the email opens can’t be tracked. If your email is opened on a mobile device, which defaults to a text format where images are not downloaded automatically, it leads to a dip in the open rate.

It’s better to focus on click-through rates on CTAs and leads generated from that email blast than open rate.



Email marketing is still the most preferred communication channel for customers and is a strategy that will always outperform all other marketing channels. Follow these tips, avoid the mistakes and make email marketing your most successful channel. Successful email marketing tactics are spread across the web. But even with ample resources available and advanced email marketing software, mistakes are regularly made.

These blunders, however, aren't the blatantly misspelled words in the opening paragraph or the misplaced graphics that feature the wrong promotion. These are the little—and sometimes big—mistakes that are easy to overlook, but when made, could cost you email opens and click-throughs.